Truepress Jet L350UV

Truepress JetL350UV

Digital label production

The Truepress Jet L350UV brings all the benefits of digital production to the demands of today’s production environment – no minimum quantity, no waste, fast turnaround and a low cost per label. In addition, the Truepress can be integrated into existing pressroom systems, offering ease of connectivity to pre and post press equipment.



High speed – at 50m per minute Truepress Jet L350UV ensures maximum productivity in the minimum amount of time.

Simple Maintenance and High Reliability

The press is equipped with an automated head cleaning function that simplifies maintenance. Cleaning of the head area can be executed with the simple click of a button so that the press is instantly ready for production.

  • Automatic, one click head-cleaning function
  • Daily maintenance of 15 minutes
  • On-site print head replacement facility
  • No consumable drum, blanket or plates
  • Very high production efficiency

Extendable System

The Truepress has been designed to offer the flexibility of additional modules to expand your services as business growth demands.

Robust construction

Designed with an emphasis on operation precision and long term use, the Truepress Jet L350UV is built to last.

Flexible, Robust UV Inks

With the use of the most advanced ink technology, Screen has been able to formulate a unique set of proprietary ink that is able to generate high quality results across a wide range of substrates.

Ink consumption

By using a smallest droplet size of three picolitres Screen ensures thin and even ink coverage without any loss of quality or colour integrity. Small ink droplets also reduce running costs by minimising ink consumption.

One-pass White

White ink (optional) enables a variety of applications, including printing onto coloured, metallic or transparent stocks.

Screen’s extensive inkjet experience gives you a superb lay-down of white ink with excellent coverage and density in a single pass. Combined with our wide gamut CMYK ink set, the Truepress achieves outstanding results.

Flexo label production

Flexo is still the dominant form of production for many types of labels and Screen is able to provide an effective and proven flexo CtP output devices that are ideally suited to label applications.

CtP: PlateRite FX870II

  • Flexo plate output of 4 m2 (43 ft2) per hour. Letterpress plate output of 6m2 (64.5 ft2) per hour
  • Support of 4,800 dpi output as standard
  • Output of flexo, letterpress and dry offset plates supported as standard. Thermal offset plate output available as an option