The RSC series offers a full suite of standard features in an economical, compact machine designed to maximize operator efficiency. Standard features such as cartridge slitting system, vertical inspection zone, automatic tension control, S-Drive servo driven operation, job save and simple, functional controls means more time producing labels and less time in set up.

Watch a video of the RSC in action here.

Standard Configuration includes:

  • Compact, robust, full featured
  • Large, 12.9“ machine control touch screen panel
  • Vertical Inspection area
  • S-Drive Servo/software control system on unwind, rewind and draw stations
  • 320 m/m speed capable
  • 340, 440, 540 and 640 mm
  • Cartridge slitting system with shear, razor and crush options
  • Label counting incl. butt cut

Available Options:

  • NEW – EPOS programmable slitting system
  • Strobe illumination
  • Built-in roll lift
  • Separate high capacity (1.2m) unwind with roll-lift
  • Dual rewind with web advance and lay-on rollers
  • DRM Semi-automatic turret
  • Advanced vertical vacuum splice table with integrated waste rewind
  • Single die station with matrix rewind – NEW!
  • 100% Vision inspection
  • Shear or razor slitting cartridges
  • SVS missing label and counting system
  • Ink jet integration