The Practice is an automatic machine, developed and proven in practical applications, for the longitudinal slitting of self-adhesive labels, foils and paper. Its particularly sturdy and rugged construction is appealing.

Standard Configuration includes:

  • High-quality standard equipment 
  • Fully electronic controlled
  • Modular construction on request 
  • Exi
    sting die-cutting tools can be used 
  • Suitable for processing films and bubble wraps
  • Available in all current working widths up to 510 mm.

Available Options:

  • Missing label control with up to 15 channels with automatic stop function of the winding shaft - also for transparent materials/clear-on-clear materials
  • Waste paper rewind unit for the automatic winding of marked faulty print
  • Additional rewind unit
  • ROTOCONTROL Web Advance for saving time when changing rolls
  • Lay-down rollers for thin and sensitive materials
  • Shear and razor knife slitting
  • Roll lifter for diameters up to 1200 mm
  • Lamination unit
  • Production of sheets
  • Turret rewinder

Technical Data

Supply voltage: 3x400 Volt + N/PE
Frequency: 50 Hz
Compressed air: 6-8 bar
Max. speed: 250 m/min.
Max. unwind diameter: 750 mm
Max. rewind diameter: 550 mm
Material width:  
Practice 330 330 mm
Practice 430 430 mm
Practice 510 510 mm
Core diameter unwind unit: 76 mm
Core diameter rewind unit: 17.5-150 mm