SWIFT™: Foil saving anywhere in the printing machine

SWIFT™ (saver on rail) is a very valuable unit to save expensive foil. Generally, labels have a relatively short repeat length; 50 mm for bottles in health care, for example, is quite common. Performance requirements for saver become very high.
SWIFT™ is very robust. It processes all types of foils; standard hot foils, holographic foil, magnetic strips, etc.
The SWIFT™ is designed to be movable to any printing station on the rail of narrow web printing systems. Therefore, high performance foil saving is available anywhere in the printing system. Full flexibility for over-printing in-line combined with foil saving is achieved.



The unique saving technology Pantec pSave, pays back investments within a very short period of time due to it’s performance. The very high stepping frequency is achieved by vacuum buffers. No masses of dancer rolls or similar are moved, just the foil. Therefore, the foil can be stopped and moved up to 17 times per second. Even with short labels repeat length, high printing speeds can be achieved, where traditional mechanical savers cannot save anymore.

SWIFT™ fits perfectly with the Pantec GS Systems “HotDrop” foil stamping units. Pantec GS Systems Hot foil stamping technology is used and provided by the leading printing machines manufacturers.

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Technical Data

SWIFT™ (Foil Saver on the Rail)  
Max. Printing width 410 mm / 16”
Max. Web width 430 mm
Max. foil saving frequency 17 cycles per sec (1’000 / min.)
Foil buffer technology Vacuum
Max. number of foil streams (save mode) 9