RHINO™: Virtuosity of flat embossing directly in the line


For the application of hot foil on rough or textured papers (e.g. wine labels, ...), flat embossing is advantageous. Difficult surfaces require a longer retention time than that which is achieved with rotating embossing.

Consistently designed for in-line

A flat bed in-line hot foil embossing unit requires a series of functions and high performance in order to be able to used successfully in-line. The rotating foil head enables innovative, multiple colour designs to be produced directly in-line in one cycle. With qTool® (pat. pend), Pantec RHINO™ offers the fastest tool changing. The Pantec RHINO™ tool cassette immovably holds male moulds and stencils while remaining universally adjustable. Not even rotary printing machines get around the use of a flat hot foil embosser when difficult surfaces have to be embossed with hot foil. The integration concept of Pantec RHINO™ is proven in in-line application in rotary machinery. A separate web tension station uncouples Pantec RHINO™ from the printing press. The robust mechanics of Pantec RHINO™ enables web speeds of up to 120 m/min. The integration of the flat embossing unit into the printing machine is now possible with suitable foil and substrate without losses in productivity and a multitude of advantages are accessible!

Economic advantages

With Pantec RHINO™ the off-line refinement can be dispensed with. The in-line relief embossing thereby particularly reduces the per-unit costs for small orders. Investments are dispensed with, the embossing tools are more affordable and the preparation and optimisation of the off-line machine for pre-printed material no longer apply. Expensive, pre-printed material no longer accumulates as maculation during setting up. The cycle times of orders can also be significantly reduced.

Technology benefit

The Pantec RHINO™ has all the necessary functionality to achieve perfect embossing results: flat bed hot foil embossing for rough papers and high relief depths; adjustable, precise processing time independent of the production speed well as a robust design with a 2-eccentric shaft for the hub, which ensure uniform embossing pressure under extreme conditions.

RHINO™: Technical data

Embossing width & length 410 mm (16")
Number of strokes, max 18'000/h (5/sec)
Mechanical speed, up to 120 m/min
Production speed Depending on foil, glue and substrate
Web path direction Both available