ELECTROMAN™: High speed hot foil stamping system for easy integration

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The Pantec ELECTROMAN™ is a set of electrically heated hot foil stamping mandrel and impression cylinder. Using Pantec ELECTROMAN™ Technology, high quality hot foil stamping becomes available for most printing machines. One of Pantec ELECTROMAN’s™ unique feature is its hybrid heating design (pat. pend.). Electrical energy is used to heat, but encapsulated oil is ensuring efficient heat transfer. Therefore electrical connections to revolving parts are avoided. The best of the two worlds is used, to build a clean and safe, user friendly system.


ELECTROMAN™ is sold via OEM's, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for OEM list.

Fast running due to high preload

The impression cylinder and the tool mandrel are equipped with bearers. The high preload between the cylinders is induced directly to the bearers, granting smooth and fast running. Depending on foil and substrate quality, production speed reaches up to 100 m/min.



Sophisticated adjustments

The stamping pressure is set by adjusting the gap between impression- and tool cylinder independently from the preload. The tool cylinder is laterall  movable to register perfectly to the preprint.

Quick and easy Setup

The changeover from die cutting mode to hot stamping and back, can be done in minutes. For an extremely fast job change, an externally pre-heated mandrel is exchanged with the last job’s mandrel. Changing the tool is very simple. Exact positioning is done tool-free. On top, of course, temperature control is set digitally and current temperature is displayed to the user.  


The Pantec ELECTROMAN™ design is very flexible. It’s adaptable to almost any rotary die station. Due to the sophisticated design the systems supports print length from as small as 9”, while supporting a wide range of web width.

Technical Data

Mandrel Type Mandrel Diameter Minimum Format Maximum Format
E62 62 mm z = 72 z = 112
E85 85 mm z = 96 z = 145
E135 135 mm z = 146 z = 192


For magnetic sleeves (17 mm wall), the smallest format is z = 95.