CHEETAH™ F: Highest profitability for hologram insetting and foil stamping

Hotfoils and Holograms are important for marketing to give an extraordinary look and to add security features to packaging. These technologies offer the possibility to brand owners to shape their brand image as well as to attract customers on the point of sales.

Although hot foiling and hologram stamping are well introduced in the market there is still a huge potential for cost saving and quality to exploit. This potential can be developed with the Pantec CHEETAH™ F.

The module is available as
• Integrated inline into new printing presses
• Retrofit into existing printing presses
• Complete Pantec Offline machine with unwinder and rewinder.

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The Pantec CHEETAH™ F is the world leading machine module for hologram insetting and foil stamping both in terms of operation economics as well as in process technologies.

Operation Economics

The unit gives you benefits in purchase as well as in operation. With the Pantec 2PT concept you get two refining processes with one investment in one small module only. With the integrated Pantec pSave, foil savings pay back the investment within a very short period of time.  

Technology Benefit

With Pantec iPlace-Technology for highly accurate placement of Holograms and the rotary impressing tool for the application of high resolution hotfoil designs your results will reach a new level of quality.  

Technical Data

Web width Up to 850 mm
Production speed, max. ¹ 80 - 120 m/min
Mechanical speed, max. 150 m/min
Number of streams, max. ² Up to 14
Stamp to Print tolerance +/- 0.10 mm (90%)
Hologram to Stamp tolerance +/- 0.10 mm (90%)
Web path direction Both available


¹ depending on foil, glue and substrate
² max. number of streams depending on web width