2016/09 Rotolabel invests further in pharmaceutical market

Rotolabel, a division of Bidvest Office and Print has upgraded its factory in Kempton Park, Johannesburg. Strategically, the Rotolabel senior management looked at the limited pharmaceutical booklet offering as well as the best geographic position. It was decided on Johannesburg as the location of the booklet facility. Rotolabel invested in the booklet press, which is a Rotocontrol BL440. The company also invested in the most up-to-date inspection machine, the Rotocontrol RSP, and increased its capacity by investing in new printing machines.

Nelwamondo states ‘We are pleased to have a Rotocontrol booklet machine. The impressive machine technology and configuration design provides the solution we need to further expand the finishing phase of our booklet labels, to supply the growing demand in the South African market. The combination of advanced security finishing features of the Rotocontrol RSP machine and highly sophisticated vision inspection technology offered by AVT provided us with an ideal solution for our innovative specialty labels. As we serve the medical and pharmaceutical industries, 100 percent security inspection is a fundamental requirement, which is delivered with the RSP.’

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Rotolabel: www.rotolabel.co.za