The revolutionary EXL-offset press, with offset sleeve combination printing, is the most versatile press available in the market. It offers variable sleeves for different repeat lengths, for both plates and blankets, and is easy to operate.

All inking and press settings of the EXL-offset machine are effectively automated with the innovative APC (Automated Print Control) technology from MPS.

The MPS EXL-offset press is a true innovation providing reliable quality and productivity that delivers high quality labels and pacakging jobs very effectively, even in smaller print runs.

EXL Offset detail 1


No nonsense offset technology with press controls and automation beyond expectation. This EXL offset variable sleeve combination machine truly shows the philosophy of MPS engineers; Printers First. Resulting in user-friendly technology that can comfortably add the printing of jobs with the expected and required performance that the market of today demands.



EXL Offset detail 2


Offset using sleeve technology with variable repeats is now available from MPS. Normal sleeves for both plate and blanket. A true innovation resulting in predictable quality and productivity.




EXL Offset detail 3


Gravure and flexo printing units are available for the EXL offset combination machine. Flexo units are also available at the converting rail for flexible positioning.






The EXL-offset press can be equipped with various flexo, gravure and screen units, in addition to flexo units on rail. Multiple converting units such as hot/cold foil, delam/relam, die-cutting and laminating can also be installed. A gravure unit enables the customer to dry solvent-based inks with the use of hot air. The EXL-offset is suitable for both short and long-run printing and converting jobs. 

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