SolidAir cylinders

Simply clevAIRr

The Wink SolidAir system consists of rotary dies with a compressed air connection. The cut-out waste can be blown via air passage holes positioned around the cylinder, directly into the extraction unit, which is attached to the vacuum system.
SolidAir cylinders are specially hardened by default to provide maximum durability. Our cylinders can be re-worked and re-sharpened several times.

Application range of the SolidAir system

Our SolidAir cylinders are especially recommended for cutting difficult or thick materials.  It is also possible to combine different cutting heights for simultaneous cutting-through and kiss-cutting.

Technical data

  • Material: high quality fully hardened tool steel (60 ± 2 HRC)
  • working width max. 510 mm (20“), overall width max. 1000 mm
  • diameter min. 86 mm / max. 210 mm
  • shaft diameter min. 22 mm
  • Air supply: through shaft, capacity 4-8 bar
  • Cutting lines: Standard height 1.2 mm, max. 3.0 mm,
    several heights per cylinder possible
  • Finishing: optionally with non-stick coating (white)

Scope of delivery and components

Basic package:

  • SolidAir cylinder incl. gear
  • Standard moment regulator (for adjustment of air outlet)

Optional components:

  • comfort variant of air moment regulator with fixing unit for air lance
  • vacuum system (incl. funnel, deflection roller and mounting material)
  • compressed air service unit (incl. air pressure regulator)