Print Cylinders

Printing cylinders form the basis of every printing machine and we therefore manufacture them with the greatest care, in order to guarantee optimum fit and run-out accuracy. Wink printing cylinders are available for all standard flexographic and letter press printing machines. Special designs are also possible based on drawings or samples. Positioning marks (axial and radial) can be added, on request, to the extremely finely honed cylinder bodies. 

Technical data

  • Base material: high-tensile aluminium, steel, precision bearing
  • Sleeve system reduces weight
  • Surface finishing by anodizing on request
  • Run-out accuracy < 2/100
  • Cylindricity < 2/100  
  • Diameter: up to 300 mm
  • Cylinder width (incl. taps): up to 2,000 mm, special sizes on request 
  • All tooth modules available   
  • Delivery incl. gear (standard 1/8 cp) and transport/storage container