Cylinders and magnetic carriers

As well as flexible and steel rule dies, we can also provide you with a wide range of cylinders and magnetic carriers. By using state-of-the-art CNC technology, we are able to guarantee optimum precision and maximum durability for our tools.

Magnetic cylinders

The perfect companion when putting our flexible dies to rotary use.

Magnetic base plates

The alternative to steel rule dies: Flat magnetic base plates for our flexible dies.

Solid rotary dies

Cutting cylinders, through-hardened or with non-stick coating on request.

SolidAir cylinders

Solid rotary dies with air pressure system for easier waste removal.

FlexAir cylinders

The flexible alternative to SolidAir and other cutting cylinders with air pressure systems.

Anvil cylinders

The counterpart to the magnetic cylinder; available as a standard, plus or minus cylinder.


Adjustable anvil cylinder.

Sheeter cylinders

For perforating and cutting, with the wink Clamping System for easy changing of cutting rules.

The heart of every printing machine, our printing cylinders ensure perfect dimensional and run-out accuracy.