Matho, Pantec GS Systems and AVT

Advanced Vision Technology, Ltd (AVT)

Advanced Vision Technology, Ltd (AVT) is the world leader in print process control, quality assurance and press control for the packaging, labels, folding cartons and commercial print markets. More than 3000 AVT PrintVision systems are currently installed worldwide.

AVT’s integrated solutions are designed to improve print quality through automatic online and offline inspection, monitoring and other vision-based press controls, while addressing major industry key challenges such as lack of automation, long production set-up cycles, wasted materials and inadequate process and quality control.


Matho Konstruktion & Maschinenbau GmbH (Ellwangen)

Matho Konstruktion & Maschinenbau GmbH (Ellwangen) a leading manufacturer of cutting units and waste extraction systems in the print and packaging industry. Headquartered in Ellwangen, Germany, the company focuses on the entire waste handling process. This focus includes the designing, planning, building and equipping of the waste handling systems.

Apart from cutting units with different sizes and type of construction we provide our customers with complete waste extraction systems, spare parts, consumables, used equipment and services, along with extensive training programs. Furthermore, the company assists its customers' investment plans by offering financing concepts.

We want our customers to be successful. Our ideas drive technological progress. We resolutely develop groundbreaking products and services. Our commitment and our focus on customers give them orientation and make us a high-performance, reliable partner at all times.

Matho is most active within the major OECD industrial regions and is expanding its involvement within growing markets such as Asia and Eastern Europe. With 25 sales offices worldwide, the company offers services to its customers around the globe. Matho generates above 85 percent outside of Germany.



Pantec GS Systems AG provides sophisticated in-line refining solutions. Our dedicated equipment for rotary and flatbed hot foil stamping & embossing, high performance vacuum foil savers, high speed & precision hologram placement and format-variable sheeting is made to provide efficient high quality refining, directly in-line.

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